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Convolute Tube Winder

  • A complete line of modern highspeed winders for today's growing industry
  • Tube diameter range from 5/16" ID to 5"OD with a maximum 3/8" wall thickness
  • Tube lengths from 7" to 216"
  • Tube production rates of 4-50 tubes per minutes
  • Frame is made of 1/2" thick welded steel construction
  • Frame is machined all over to give you a straight and accurate tube
  • Cams and shafts are split for ease of maintenance
  • Cam tracks are flame hardened for longer wear
  • Thomson shafting and bushings are used for the linear carriage to allow for a smooth and consistent carriage motion
  • Servomotor clutch available for a more accurate and precise wound tube
  • Deceleration unit for smooth high speed motion
  • Machine is fully wired to customer specifications
  • 122" maximum paper roll width
  • Electric motor or hydrostatic main drive
  • Sheet positioner to align cut sheet of paper

Additional Support Equipment Available

  • Paper Stands
  • Skiving Unit
  • Convolute Mounted Tube Trimmer
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